How can technology help us to identify zebras in a herd, protect trees in the rainforest, or make a playground more accessible?

In CHM’s TechQuest game on Roblox, players explore how tech is used in the real world today. Designed for students from grades 3–8, the game features:

  • Two unique worlds—conservation and automation.
  • A virtual CHM exhibit of artifacts that shape tech innovations.
  • Drones, VR goggles, and hacker tools for completing 20 fun tasks and earning rewards.
  • Non-player characters who guide players to use technology to solve problems, learn about the way we live, and make the world a better and safer place.

Go to Roblox and start playing for free.

Play TechQuest


What’s in the Worlds?

The Conservation World has four different regions:

  • African Savannah
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Farmland
  • Ocean (players swim underwater!)

The Automation World is a community that includes:

  • Park and playground
  • Candy factory
  • School
  • Home



Initial support for TechQuest was provided by Chris and Irma Fralic, KLA Foundation, and the Severns Family Foundation. Developed in partnership with metaverse studio MELON.


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