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CHM is a community of makers and users, educators and learners, founders and innovators, dreamers and go-getters. We are supported by a network of staff, partners, volunteers, pioneers, and visionaries in Silicon Valley and around the world. 

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CHM Annual Report

Along with our financial statements for fiscal year 2023, learn about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed. Check out special projects, a recap of CHM Live programming, educational initiatives, and unique new additions to our world-class collection of artifacts and oral histories.

Annual Report FY 2023


From our founding in Boston to our home in Silicon Valley, CHM’s journey is as extraordinary as the history we preserve and the technological innovations that have transformed our world.

Discover the archive of The Computer Museum, a predecessor of CHM and founded in 1975 by Ken Olsen and Gordon and Gwen Bell.

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